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Hi, I'm Luke. :)

I'm nineteen and I love pugs, jellyfish n red pandas.
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There are so many people who were once massive parts in my life who now, if I saw them on the street, I doubt they’d even say hello to me. 

This time last year everything was pretty much perfect.

Oh well, uni in 6 months.

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The Perfect Boyfriend

Someone laid back who makes me laugh, drinks wine and smokes weed.

This is genuinely all I’d need. Y’know, who i could spend all day getting high with, watching kids films and horrors.  But no, nobody like this ever stumbles into my life. Not really fair to be honest.


Fox Face…
She would’ve won if it weren’t for the berries.She was pretty cool!

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I will always analyze the situation and apply myself. 

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g2g, c u soon x

wtf man


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